Vanessa Irzyk
About the work:
I create shapes that live in their own realms. From a distance the pieces can seem like sculptures or objects but as the viewer moves closer they can discern that it’s a painting on a 2D surface. For many years I’ve been drawn to having the viewer engage with the my art and have to “inspect” the work to discern what it is. Each minuscule line is hand painted one at a time. With the aid of tape and masking fluid I construct shapes that are inhabited by linear patterns that are sometimes layered. I like to trick the eye with shifting planes and shapes that move in front and behind of one another to create tension. Each piece is meant to transport the viewer to a hypnotic and unusual space.

My work is highly intuitive and meditative. Nothing is pre planned or sketched out; the process is very much stream of consciousness. I find tranquility in creating intricate shapes and sometimes obsessive patterns with a flat brush. I relish in intricate mark making. In a world that is so fast paced and full of posts, comments, and breaking news, constructing these complex patterns calms me, slows me down, and allows me to center my thinking.

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