Vanessa Irzyk
Mingo Gallery is pleased to announce FLAT ZEN, a solo exhibition by Boston based artist Vanessa Irzyk, on view from February 2nd through March 12th. FLAT ZEN is the newest body of work from Vanessa in which she continues to explore color, pattern, symmetry and space through intuitive and intensive mark making.

FLAT ZEN is a series of paintings on heavy duty watercolor paper.
Vanessa starts with washes of color in thinned acrylic paint. These washes serve as groundwork for complex structures that are organically and laboriously painted with small flat brushes. At times the washed backgrounds serve as atmosphere for these structures, while in other instances they seem to inform how the structures are developed.

Vanessa’s work hovers between familiar and foreign. The structures creates are reminiscent of fractals or Native American textile designs, while her palette broods pure electricity. Of her work, Vanessa says “Nothing is preplanned or sketched out; the process is very much stream of consciousness. Each piece is meant to transport the viewer to a hypnotic and unusual space”.

An opening reception will be held Saturday February 6th, from 6-9 pm.
Mingo Gallery 284 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915